The "Talk"

I'm getting to be an old hand at getting the "Talk" from girls I'm interested in. It's not something guys like to admit, but it's true. Basically, it's not the right time in their life for a relationship. For whatever reason. The reason doesn't really matter, because it's not true. It's something they've made up to make you go away. Then they say that they want to be friends. That way, when you bugger off and don't talk to them anymore (because that's what they just TOLD you to do), you're the asshole.

I mean, seriously, you started hanging out with them, spending time and money on them, getting to know them, because you were ROMANTICALLY interested in them. You didn't start paying for their food and movie tickets because you wanted to be their friend. Your FRIENDS have their own money, and pay their own way. They weren't eating with you as a friend, but as a guest.

As I guess can be deduced from this rant, I've once again been told I'm not good enough, in that gentle feminine way.

All that being said, if you're one of the ladies who's let me down easy (and you know who you are), I'm currently available and still very eligible.
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A Dream of Love

I dreamed I was in love last night. I was a computer programmer. She was a beautiful, mysterious spy and she worked on a giant space ship. She was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. At the end of the dream, her enemies caught up to us and shot her in the head. They were dragging my weeping self off to be tortured with drugs when I woke up.

Oddly, I woke feeling good. 'Tis better to have loved and lost...
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Burning Buddhists

I was at a campfire yesterday in celebration of the impending arrival of 2008. For a brief moment, conversation turned to Buddhist monks immolating themselves in protest of the South Korean regime. I don't know anything about the political situation in South Korea that prompted this. My initial reaction, I'm ashamed to say, was to be happy that someone crazy enough crazy enough to kill himself in protest rather than finding a more meaningful vector of change had removed himself from the gene pool.

After further consideration, I'm realizing that there are many tragedies in this situation. The first is that a person feels so helpless to affect change that this seemed like the most effective means to him (despair). The second is that no one covered him in baking powder and rushed him to the psych ward (apathy). The third, and I think possibly the greatest tragedy is that this isn't the first, and likely won't be the last, time that this happens. I'm inclined to think that there only two things in this world worth dying for. The first is truth, which is eternal. The second is another person, who is also eternal. Governments are small, and shrink to insignificance by comparison. The existence of the human species as a viable genome on the planet will one day end, and so is, paradoxically, less significant than one human being. The third tragedy here, as exemplified both by the monks action, and my reaction to it, is the lack of respect for human life.
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A little spiritual, and a request to the ladies

I've come to the conclusion that God tends to give me things when he's good and read to give them to me. Like jobs. I spent a fair amount of time working intermittently before God set me up with this job. Now I'll grant that I worked at MIE for longer than I've worked at Zope, but by this point there, I was pretty sure the sword would drop sometime. It was not nearly as comfortable as Zope is.

Now what I would like is a young lady to fall in love with, marry, and build a life with. The young lady in question should be attractive, enjoy wordplay and talking in general, and hopefully, games of some sort. I'm a pretty broadminded person, but someone who has not been redeemed from their sin by the blood of Jesus the Christ need not apply. I've decided I'm going to follow the same pattern that I used to find my job. I will search diligently for young ladies that match this description, and at the same time, I will trust God to provide.

Here's the part where I'm looking for advice. I've decided that I should pray for my future bride. That way I can love her before I meet her, as Christ loved the Church. I'm not very good at praying for people, though. I do, however, have a variety of female friends and relatives. I would like all of you, single or involved, Christian or non, to tell me what things you could have used (or could use now) prayer for, in the single young woman stage of your life. Feel free to post anonymously, if it makes you more comfortable, but please post publicly, because I'd like to see some chatter as well.

Single, But Freinds

So, as most of my readership knows by now, I am single. That means, eligible ladies, that the dreams that Mr. Sandman has been bringing you have gotten out of your dreams an into your car... or something.

Stacy and I still hung out today, as had been planned before the Mudville Nine went down swinging, again. I'm not sure how to feel about that. On the one hand, I genuinely enjoy her company, and had a great time eating California pizzas, shopping at Wal-mart, and watching Spiderman 3 (action - one thumb up, humor - two thumbs up, witty banter - pathetic). On the other hand, I think I had more fun with her today than when it was a date. I have three possible reasons for this. A) She is not the right girl for the love of my life, but makes a fine movie friend. B) I, she, or both of use were nervous when doing the dating thing, and so moods were weird. C) I came on too strong, making dates weird.

I'm thinking it was probably a mixture of B and C, but if anyone with more experience with the Venusians wants to comment, I'd like to hear wisdom.

Particularly from you.

Somewhere men are laughing, and little children shout

I was going to do the whole date thing today. I was going to go out to eat with the lovely Stacy and her friend Amy, and then I was going to go and engage in English country dancing. These plans were not to be, as an eleventh hour bug reared its head, and I didn't leave work until twenty till seven, a full three hours later than I had planned to leave. Even as we speak, I am sure, the ladies are paying their sushi check, and preparing to, as Stacy describes it, "walk with style." It may sound strange, but the part I was looking forward to most about the whole evening was the hour and a half drive each way between Stacy's house and Williamsburg.

There is no joy in Mudville.

Healer decks take way too long to play

So, I'm up much later than I should be, because I decided to try out my new World of Warcraft healer deck. Oh gosh, does it take forever. There was a point there where I was healing 11 points of damage off myself per turn without having to play cards. The sick thing is, I still lost, but it was in the eleventh hour. The sadder thing is, that's not nearly as metaphorical as it should be.

Now I'm winding down to sleep. Tomorrow I will pay.
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Visit from my folks

My folks took their vacation down here last week. It was very good to see them. We ate at a variety of restaurants, Dad played golf at a variety of courses, and Mom read a variety of books on my couch. My couch was duly admired. At the end of the visit, my network was fixed, between Dad's and my efforts, so I have wireless again, although I do need to secure it.

I also got plates for my car and had it officially titled to me. They were not willing to accept my birth certificate as legit, so I'm paying phat stacks of cash to get one on pretty paper. My neighbor is moving out.
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In which...

...I am invited to an Irish festival with Stacy and her friends.

Yesterday was Stacy's friend Alisson's 26th birthday. Stacy had been invited to go with her and a (large!) group of her friends to an Irish festival, and she wangled an invite for me as well. I enjoyed listening and dancing to the music of Uisce Beatha, trying to understand Stacy's algorithm for impulse shopping, and holding her hand when the crowd was thick enough she worried about losing me. Beer and fun were had by those who wanted them.

...It is determined that onion rings must be delivered piping hot, but there is always room for a pickle.

After the festival, we went to a bar/restaurant called O'Toole's. I enjoyed my hamburger and macaroni and cheese, but the food took a while getting out, and Stacy's order got messed up. I attributed all this things to the fact that we had a party of eleven, with split checks, at the same table. Evidently, drinking unsweetened tea is a sin against man and God, and most particularly, the South. More beer, also whiskey, and more fun.

...Stacy learns that drunk people will walk on their DD, if given the chance.

Afterward we went to Club Richbrau for dancing and pool. Before we ever went Stacy and I had been ready to bail, but she got suckered into being DD. I wasn't going to leave her alone with that, so I went as well. Richbrau's a pretty good club, although the DJ sucks, and I enjoyed the dancing and the pool and the conversation. I'm evidently smitten with Stacy, because when we had a conversation about how a stunningly attractive female had perfectly put together her wardrobe for shooting pool, the foremost though in my mind was I was glad Stacy moved to the same side of the table as I, because that way I could sit closer to her. As the night went on, though, my companion became more bored and tired, and I eventually convinced her that she was well within her DD scope to leave money for a cab, and bail. She did so, and we did so.

...My mother was waiting up for me.

She's a light sleeper, and evidently some sirens kept her awake. We chatted a bit, and then turned for the night. She and my father are down for a week for their vacation. I think that will be enjoyable, even though I'll be working.

Good friends, good eats...

Today Lois and Hadar, my employers, invited me and two of my fellow employees to supper at Brock's Riverside Grill. I had a very nice rib eye, and enjoyed a couple of hours of very interesting conversation with colleagues. It was very generous of Hadar and Lois to treat us, and I'll definitely remember the place.