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The "Talk"

I'm getting to be an old hand at getting the "Talk" from girls I'm interested in. It's not something guys like to admit, but it's true. Basically, it's not the right time in their life for a relationship. For whatever reason. The reason doesn't really matter, because it's not true. It's something they've made up to make you go away. Then they say that they want to be friends. That way, when you bugger off and don't talk to them anymore (because that's what they just TOLD you to do), you're the asshole.

I mean, seriously, you started hanging out with them, spending time and money on them, getting to know them, because you were ROMANTICALLY interested in them. You didn't start paying for their food and movie tickets because you wanted to be their friend. Your FRIENDS have their own money, and pay their own way. They weren't eating with you as a friend, but as a guest.

As I guess can be deduced from this rant, I've once again been told I'm not good enough, in that gentle feminine way.

All that being said, if you're one of the ladies who's let me down easy (and you know who you are), I'm currently available and still very eligible.
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